The plane was found, the hotel was booked, and the transfer was organized. Excellent preparation and service all round. We did all the work turnkey. I asked my assistant to compare the price, and to my surprise it turned out that they give a very competitive price tag and charge a minimal amount.

In terms of communication and attitude towards the client, there are only positive aspects, they are treated with respect, have a sense of tact, and well-spoken speech. I very rarely recommend someone in terms of service, since I am very scrupulous about the service sector, but I decided to sincerely support you and definitely recommend you.
Nancy Lee
Very pleasant communication - responsive and friendly team was able to answer all my questions and expedite my request. We found Epty Legs for the return flight and we were within the budget.
Been using these guys for 9 years now, always on call 24/7 and they have never let me down. It is very convenient that you can book flights directly via WhatsApp - fast and without unnecessary paperwork. Keep up the good work, I will be happy to continue flying with you. Good luck to Eugene and Roman, hope to see you in Cyprus this summer
Michael H
Very pleased that J&H are very attentive to flying and control all processes. We don't have a membership because we only charter flights once or twice a year, but every time I contact Eugene and his team, they make me feel like we are the most important clients on their list. Thank you for your continued service and growth. I wish you the best of luck along the way! Regards, Michael H.
Mark Sharp
Anna was on top of everything from start to finish. Made arrangements, stayed in touch, provided accurate information. No bad surprises, only good ones - thank you for the caviar and champagne. Honesty throughout. We communicated via WhatsApp. Pilots were super, friendly and helpful. Plane was like new, no odors. Thanks again!
Thank you for the flight and for helping to resolve the issue regarding the documents with the cat. We are very grateful for your attentiveness and responsible approach. Special thanks to Evgeniy for arranging with the veterinarian at the airport to wait for us. It’s really a pleasure to deal with people who value their clients so much. In the future, we will only turn to you from now on.
David Lockley
We are delighted to have met Jets and Helicopters. Especially in the person of Eugene Korols. We had a complicated flight with 2 stops in Europe.

From the moment we contacted J&H, everything was tailored specifically to our requirements.
The service is exemplary and the attention to detail in all the planning was impeccable. Special mention to the excellent price, which came in even below our planned budget. The airplane crew was amazing, as was everyone else.

This is definitely a company we will be turning to from now on.

We flew with 2 cats from London to Larnaca. Thanks for your help with veterinary paperwork and permits. The flight went well, everything was very comfortable and well thought out. Upon arrival, we were met and helped through veterinary control.
Scottish Monster
Natalia is simply incredible. We had complex needs and she found solutions that no other charter company would even consider. We were moving and our international flight from Cyprus to Barcelona included 2 dogs, a cat, our daughter and a lot of stuff. Natalia actively helped us at all stages, helped us with the documents for the animals and solved many small but important nuances. You are our savior!
Victoria Clarke
A good company with an excellent reputation. We came to them on the recommendation of friends, after an unsuccessful flight with another aircraft broker. Of course, I understand that everyone is trying to make money, but we need to do it professionally somehow. I liked these guys for their attentive and responsible approach. You feel that you are not being scammed, but that they are really trying to find a good flight option. Thank you for a great flight to Genoa and sorry for the late night calls.
There is a great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction here. The booking and the flight itself with J&H was great. Special thanks from my wife for the delicious champagne. Looking forward to our next flight.
Lukas Dorfler
Thank you so much for a great job! As always, great service. Our flight from Madeira was delayed about an hour and a half due to weather, but Natalia (from Jets and Helicopters) kept us informed, and the terminal took good care of us and organized dinner while we waited. No complaints. The flight crew was very friendly and professional, they immediately prepared a bed for us as we were flying at night. Overall, as usual, a very pleasant experience.
They helped us meet the New Year in Male. Everything went wonderfully, the plane was comfortable, there were no problems with the transfer. We also agreed on the transportation of the dog. The holidays were just wonderful. Thank you!
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