VIP on-board cateringVIP on-board catering

VIP catering on board a private jet is a standard option, and we meet the highest standards for service. Jets & Helicopters will provide you with the luxury food of your choice, satisfying all your wishes and personal preferences. If desired, we will bring on board any dish from your favorite restaurant. We will make sure that whatever you like is available, ranging from your favorite non-alcoholic drinks to the most elegant dishes from the chefs of the finest restaurants.

VIP terminal at the airportVIP terminal at the airport

All our clients receive service in the VIP terminals at the airports of departure and arrival. Using the VIP lounge saves you a lot of time, thanks to the individualized approach to registration and the accelerated customs procedure. You can arrive at the airport just 20-30 minutes before your flight, which is quite enough for an on-time departure. The VIP rest area has cold drinks and snacks for your enjoyment. Our representatives will tend to your luggage and make sure that the check-in for your flight goes quickly and smoothly. For urgent business meetings, you will always be able to take advantage of special conference rooms.

Board to Board ServiceBoard to Board Service

If you are using a commercial airline, but we are arranging the next or previous leg of your flight on a private jet, we are pleased to offer you Board to Board service. Our representative will meet you directly at the commercial airline ramp and take you to the private jet, as well as arranging for your luggage and helping you check in and move quickly through customs. Everything will be as comfortable as possible, without personal stress and having to wait in line.

Information about the planeInformation about the plane

We use all the relevant aviation software to provide you with information about the aircraft you are interested in (year, number of flight hours, experience of the crew, etc.). With our vast experience in cooperating with the various companies that own the jets, we are always happy to provide you with recommendations and feedback. We can check for the certificate of operation of the specific plane and the conformity of its documents to existing standards.

Sea planeSea plane

One of the additional services we can provide you with is rental of a sea plane.
For example, renting a sea plane in the Maldives Islands may be the best way to visit the numerous small islands.

If you need to rent a sea plane, we will be happy to assist you.

Our specialists are available 24/7. Call us on +44 208 133 0333.

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